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  • Hannah Foster
    The frustration with chronic illness comes in waves, doesn’t it?

    I stopped looking on here for a while because I was just so depressed about what my life had become that I couldn’t bear to talk about it, but I am glad to be back, because I think you guys will understand the statement above. I am just never able to forget I am sick. First, I couldn’t work as much. Then, I couldn’t work. Then, I couldn’t really cook. Then I had to move back in with my parents. Then, benefits claims. Does anyone e...  more
  • Anna
    Weird symtom time! This last week, I've had the worst flare-up of the year so far, and now, don't know if it's related or not, I've gotten really bad joint pain in both my knees and ankles 😔 I haven't done anything different leg-wise like gotten new shoes or walking/exercising differently, so I am completely baffled. As long as I'm not actively using my legs the pain is gone but as soon as I take a step it hurts really really bad, which sucks since I walk a lot at work. Anyone got any tips for p...  more
  • Kat Fitzgibbon
    I was pushing myself too hard this week, so I was strict with myself and spent this weekend doing absolutely nothing. Just bed and TV. I hated it at first, I got bored, anxious, sad. But eventually the frantic thoughts calmed, and my body is feeling a little less heavy now. It got me thinking how resting and relaxing is something you have to keep practicing. If I don't do it enough I forget how to, and I bet the more I do it the easier it will be. The irony that rest is something I have to work ...  more
  • lizzey
    Within the last 2 weeks I have started my first batch of Venlafaxine, they're using it to treat chronic pain (suggested fibromyalgia, but not diagnosed yet). I also have a few mental health disorders (PTSD & borderline personality disorder & anxiety) BPD being my most problematic diagnosis for mental health. Most frequent side affects have been sweating, nausea & sickness, a bit of insomnia but not necessarily severe, just a lot of restless nights being awake in my head and tired everywhere else...  more
    • Madison
  • Jenna
    Hi all! Can somebody with asthma explain to me the difference between getting treated for asthma at Allergy/Immunology and Pulmonolgy. I currently go to Immunology, but my primary care wants me to go to pulmonology now too because my asthma is not under control. I posted about this on the asthma support group I am in on Facebook, but people there are kind of rude and not supportive Or actually helpful and I feel safer here 😂
    • Laura Enright
  • Lauren Kiernan
    I know a pain flare is coming on.
    My stress levels have been through the roof the last month, looking after my dog who had leg surgery and is set to go for the second surgery soon. The last four weeks has been recovery time. The last three days she has been in a lot more pain and crying and squealing when she moves, which breaks my heart and makes me cry almost everyday.

    Today we got her into the vet. No breaks, infections or movement of the plate or pins.
    There will be at least another 12 we...  more
  • Jasmine Rooney
    Hey everyone, have some pretty good news from my last blood test. Everything looks stable and the rheumatologist has dropped one tablet of the Plaquenil daily. I am still on Azathioprine but looks like if all goes well in 6 months, they will start to wean me off that slowly. Eventually it looks like I'll one day only be on one tablet of Plaquenil a day! The only problem I am having is feeling super down since I dropped it. Motivation has gone back to zero and been feeling a bit depressed and gon...  more
    • Sara Remy
    • Hannah
  • Ellie Jenkins
    Does anyone suffer from hairloss/thinning/hair not growing?
    If so, can you recommend any products that work to help it grow back please?!

    I have Endometriosis and Adenomyosis and was put on Visanne for 10 months where one of the side effects has been hair loss. I've been off it for 4 months and my hair still isn't growing and is thinning so bad! I was in tears last night because of it. My hair was the one thing I liked about myself that I never used to have any issues with and now medication f...  more
    • Sara Remy
  • Molly
    Hi guys I've been asked to write another blog for the paper so I'm doing a bit of research for about how corona has effected the chronically ill & disabled ... things like not being able to access treatments & how the government seems to have forgotten about those on the vunrable list can you please comment your experiences thank you ❤
    • Molly
    • Alison Moore
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  • igvault poecurrency
    Path of Exile 3.10 and Delirium League is almost here. With all the new Notables and Passive Tree changes, there’s a ton of new stuff to deal with. POE 3.10 POE Currency will completely alter...
  • Jenna
    Hey all I saw this article and it was really cathartic for me to read. I have been struggling with feeling angry and upset and panicking a lot because of people’s (my own friends!!) complete disregard for social distancing. And this article was the first time I felt understood. It’s not just annoying when people are stupid. It’s real fear which turns into anger and confusing emotions.  more
    End of COVID-19 Quarantine Endangers Those With Chronic Illness | The Mighty
    Sarah Murphy explains why she is angry at people who are violating social distancing safety rules and putting people with chronic illness in danger.
  • jjh2
    Hi girls!! ☺️I am doing a giveaway on my design page if anyone is interested in entering!!Thought it would be fun to do since I think everyone is really feeling the strain at the minute!Here are the links ✨  more
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