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  • enola
    Hii, I know I'm Not really active on here but I read everything!! I have a question... I'm Really struggling With horrible Yaw pains lately... has anyone Tips or tricks To make the pain less Or soft food tips that keep you full?
  • Lily Manning
    Hi 💜 I'm not super active here but I'm just so low today and I wasn't sure who would understand. I cried for hours yesterday, I'm just so fed up of being sick and in pain all the time. I feel like all I do is make things hard for people
  • Molly
    Hi guys I've been asked to write another blog for the paper so I'm doing a bit of research for about how corona has effected the chronically ill & disabled ... things like not being able to access treatments & how the government seems to have forgotten about those on the vunrable list can you please comment your experiences thank you ❤
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  • Alexis Paige
    hi friends! I've been meaning to write out a post but have been too tired by the time I get home from work. I haven't been on here since November, so I thought I'd reintroduce myself.
    I'm Alexis and I'm 26 years old. I live in Arizona with my fiance, dog, cat & hedgehog. we're going to be taking over my childhood home when my parents retire in August and there's SO much to do to it. I'm bisexual and believe in the paranormal, law of attraction and am very spiritual.
    I have been diagnosed with Po...  more
    • Sara Remy
  • Cass Lyons
    I've recently been diagnosed with Fibro and prescribed Cymbalta but I'm reading some things that make me hesitant to start it. Does anyone have experience with Cymbalta or possibly alternative treatments // tricks for decreasing your number of crippling flare ups? 🖤
    • Cass Lyons
    • Alison Moore
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  • Julia J
    When you set your expectations low (much lower than you think you need to) but you're still unable to reach them. Over the years as I've gotten sicker I've gotten better at re-evaluating my threshold of activity (or so I thought). I only make the loosest of goals for the bare minimum of things in an attempt to avoid constant disappointment & crippling failure. When I reach them, it works well; I swallow a bit of disappointment while I accept the situation but at least I feel relieved or like I'v...  more
  • Sara Remy
    Hello, friends, long time no see! Remember a while back when I asked about your experiences with Amitriptyline because I was about to start it, and then shortly after I went MIA here? Yeah, starting it is pretty much the reason I've not been on much.

    I'm a few months in now, and feeling better. I've written a post of my experiences going on it for migraines, insomnia, and digestive issues, along with a list of things I would have told my past self before starting it. Hopefully it will be helpf...  more
  • Ellie Jenkins
    When I get a package delivered it's like Christmas for me because I literally forget what I have ordered half the time! Thanks brain fog 🤦‍♀️ haha
  • Ellie Jenkins
    Strap yourselves ladies, this is a long read but I appreciate any help 💛

    I have Severe Endometriosis and IC and I also suffer from nerve pain. This past year I have been having some new widespread pains (along with my endo and nerve pains and symptoms) that I assume is related to Fibromyalgia but I can't be sure.

    I can't exactly bring this theory up with a doctor because any doctor and/or speclialist I have seen so far is more focused on my Endo and blame everything on that, despite me descri...  more
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  • Alison Moore
    Lately the nerve pain in my feet (mainly my heels) has been getting worse. Doctors are thinking it's idiopathic neuropathy. I have Fibro too. How do you all deal with nerve pain? Find anything that works? I'm on lyrica but the help I get from it is limited. I can't stand for more than 3 minutes without pain. It's just driving me to the end of my sanity. 😢
  • Sophie
    Hey all, first Time on here but looking to Connect with anyone On advise on how To improve from being bedbound?
    Any advice or experience Much appreciate- thanks so much in advance Xx
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  • Abby James
    Anyone take a b12 supplement? And notice a difference?