Community Guidelines


Our mission is to provide a safe and trusted space, where members can discuss and share anything without hesitation. Everyday, women come to The TIREDGIRL Society to connect with each other and share their life stories, achievements, struggles and moments which binds them together. The conversations that happen on The TIREDGIRL Society are a true reflection of the diversity of a community of women living with chronic illness, mental health and disability.



The TIREDGIRL Society is a women-only platform. We respect each other, help each other, and support each other. We share about our lives and our illnesses, our interests and goals, and everything that makes up our lives as a woman living alongside illness. We feel free to share our opinions, being careful to make sure everyone else gets a chance too as well.



At The TIREDGIRL Society, women sharte re their experiences and talk about issues that are important to them. This means that we may encounter different opinions, which are crucial to have important conversations about difficult topics. Inclusivity is a must.

We do not type in CAPS - no 'online screaming' and avoid coarse, rough or rude language. We never make personal attacks or use abusive language - doing this will get your post or comment removed. We talk to women like they are friends - we get to know them. We explore. We don't bully or shame others. Any such malicious post or comment will be removed and accounts will be suspended.

We are a large community with a large variety of interests and beliefs, and we allow space for everyone to have a voice.  Any subjects or discussions that do not interest you, please do not feel you need to engage with negative remarks - there is space here for everyone to find friends who share views close to their own.



Hate speech is not allowed at The TIREDGIRL Society.

We remove content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on any of the following attributes:






Sexual Orientation

If you see content that violates this policy, please report it to



As a member, you are welcome to create groups for specific interests and groups for locations, such as your City, State or Country.  Groups are a way to gather with likeminded women and build small communities based on positive living alongside chronic illness.  You may also create Events such as an online event for a Group (for example an online Art Fair for the Creative Art Club where you can post your artwork in the event) OR you can host a local meet up event, post events for support organizations or an event to promote your fundraising.



At The TIREDGIRL Society we support and encourage you to follow your dreams, reach your goals and open your heart to living your best life alongside illness.

All members have the opportunity to create a page if they wish.  You can host your own page with The TIREDGIRL Society in order to promote your:

Artwork (For example if you want to promote your art, homemade goods, crafts, photography or singing/music)

Cause/Charity Work (You can create a page for the charitable work you do or raise awareness for a cause you care about)

Health or Wellness Interest Page (for example if you are a yoga teacher, mindfulness expert or want to share your wellness expertise)

Writer/Blogger (if you are a writer or have a blog, you can create a page to promote, host and share your work)


Please Note - No Health Coach, Multi-Level Marketing, Drugs, Supplements or Pages relating to cures or recovery will be accepted or pulished.