About Us

Our mission is to provide a safe and trusted space, where members can discuss and share anything without hesitation. Everyday, women come to The TIREDGIRL Society to connect with each other and share their life stories, achievements, struggles and moments which binds them together. The conversations that happen on The TIREDGIRL Society are a true reflection of the diversity of a community of women living with chronic illnesses, mental health, and disability.


We launched The TIREDGIRL Society platform in 2018 with the goal of providing a different type of support network in the chronic illness community.  One that is focused on giving you the opportunity to step back from talking about, thinking about and worrying about your illness in a safe and supportive group.  In 2019 our community grew so big, we decided to launch our online space as an App.  Today we get to celebrate our lives with thousands of women around the world who bring this community to life.


If you want to meet up with friends, pursue hobbies, join clubs, find support, share what you love, connect with friends who understand your struggles, belong to a community and build an amazingly bright future – you’ll find everything you need here.


It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.