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Unknown cause of abdominal pain

on November 07 2019 at 07:35 AM

hello friends,


i wondered what other people have experienced in regards to abdominal pain.

i have Rheumatoid arthritis and endometriosis. I have been given a vague diagnosis of gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance after a gastroscopy and tests showed I wasn’t caleiac (I can never spell it) or had any condition like chrohns. 

I avoid gluten mostly and lactose I can tolerate small amounts of hard cheeses that are low lactose but mostly avoid it too. 

Despite avoiding these things I have a constant abdominal discomfort, feeling of fullness and pressure on my lower stomach. My endo is fairly well controlled and I can notice when I am bloated or sore from endo and it’s a different feeling. 

I do have a large surgical scar from when I was born with an Exomphalos hernia (a weakness of the baby's abdominal wall where the umbilical cord joins it. This weakness allows the abdominal contents, mainly the bowel and the liver to protrude outside the abdominal cavity where they are contained in a loose sac that surrounds the umbilical cord.) which I am wondering more and more of this has an impact on my abdominal area.

i have also been made aware of peripheral neuropathy impacting the stomach and as I have a few other symptoms of neuropathy this may be the next route I start investigating.


just wondered anyone else out there with unknown cause of abdominal pain that doctors seem to brush off as it’s not acute.





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Hi there! If this continues it might be time to see a GI doctor. I have Crohn’s disease and my abdominal pain was dismissed by doctors for four years before I became extremely sick and had to see a specialist. The health care system is at many time infuriating to navigate through, but keep trying to advocate for yourself because you are worth it. Eventually it will get figured out and you will find the support you need.

I'm so sorry you've been dealing with this. It's so frustrating to not know what's wrong with you. I have had something similar for the last year or so. My gallbladder came out in March of 2018. Right after it was out I started having bloating after meals. Not just a little bit. I look a full 5 or 6 months pregnant, and it's so tight and uncomfortable and harder to breathe. This has been my daily ever since, and I can't even wear my normal clothes anymore, because they need to accommodate an enormous amount of variation in size during the day. 

I also have severe endo, but like you, this is different than that bloating for sure. I also take ox bile, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and basically everything I can to give my stomach some help after losing the gallbaldder.

Then 5 months after that surgery I started having what I can only call attacks. Sometime 1-3 hours after eating my first meal of the day, my stomach just revolts. Lots of pain and dizziness and getting sick like I have the worst food poisoning ever. I figured out occasional caffeine was one trigger but other than that it's been completely random. A few months after they started I lost over 10 pounds in 1 month, so my pcp sent me to a GI specialist. They ran tests too, and I've had multiple appointments over the last year. And my gluten sensitivity was literally almost zero. *Oprah voice* "I love BREAD!"

It could be that my endo has gone into my bowel. It could be related to losing my gallbladder, or something else. She prescribed generic Bentyl, which does help if I can take it right when the first wave of pain hits. It doesn't always stop the attack, but it does make it a little less horrible pain wise. She also recommended taking it 30 minutes before meals, because it can help with bloating as well.

Has any doctor tried Bentyl with you? And like Sarah, a heating pad also helps the pain and bloating for me too. I also take these under the tongue gas eliminating pills that are all natural. They really help with the bloating for me. 

I still don't have a diagnosis, and I feel like I won't be getting one any time soon. And my doctor is wonderful, and one of the best in the state! Stomach issues are so hard to pin down. I hope you are able to find some answers and relief soon!

(Sorry this got so long!)

I've been through something similar. For me, cutting out acidic foods has helped my guts heal (tomato and pepper are the worst for me). I still have pain sometimes when the rest of my ME symptoms are flaring up, though. I've found that heat helps alleviate some of the pain, too, so I have a heating pad and an electric blanket. I don't know if that helps at all or not. But I totally second the idea of going to a dietician or trying to eliminate different foods on your own.

Hi Candice 


If you are experiencing abdominal pain with other symptoms such as bloating, gas, acid reflux and irregular bowel movements it may be worthwhile getting a referral from your doctor to see a dietitian. A good dietitian can help guide you through discovering if you have any other food or chemical sensitivities with methods such as the fodmap or elimination diet. Considering you’re already proven to be intolerant to gluten and lactose it is likely that you would have other sensitives too. 

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