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Dealing with basic human things

on November 07 2019 at 03:47 AM

I'm new here and usually not much of a sharer but here we go...

I find it really hard to do basic human things like brush teeth and shower. Theese things are almost scary for me and i dont know why. Anyone else have this problem or maybe a solution?

My therapist says you just gotta push through and i know that and i try but its such a big mountain sometimes it feels impossible. 

And when i do mange to shower i hate afterwords. I feel heavy and sad and i dont know why.

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Maybe it's the act of taking part in life you struggle with. Like you are just not ready to and that's why it takes you a lot to get it done. Maybe make it more fun. Put on your favourite music, dress in smth you like, change the toothbrush to smth funny etc. Watch funny youtube videos while doing it. Tell yourself : it's just the small act. You don't have to do it all. But that small act you can accomplish. Tell yourself how proud you are of yourself for doing it afterwards!! And maybe even hug yourself. Start being a really good mother to yourself. That's how I managed to get out of depression.

Or write me. I'll tell you I am proud of you for taking care of you!!

I definitely feel the same way. I wonder if trauma is behind it? (Also - good to have a trauma-informed therapist - we all have trauma. Was with a terrible one who I thought was helping me for 10 years! Then finally found a good one and it was like night and day.) I am following a special diet for IBS and I want to make myself a smoothie every day but some days is feels impossible. I try to just go with it instead of forcing myself and remind myself it’s not a huge deal if I don’t that day or week. I know I’ll get back to it in time. In terms of showering, if I get one or two a week, I consider that enough. When I feel like it, I get myself some coconut oil and really spend time massaging my entire body before showering. It’s good for your vagus nerve to calm down. And it feels amazing! Remember: You always deserve your own care ♥️ Also, consider following the holistic psychologist on IG. I love her!

I also experience the same thing. When I am at my most depressive state I will get out of bed for one or two hours a day tops. Sometimes with depression telling yourself you can do things in small increments allows helps. Also thinking about how nice a hot shower would feel or how good it would it would feel to have clean teeth and fresh breath helps me as well. Even when I can function well enough to go through daily tasks I need to set a routine and stress self care and hygiene because I know if I don’t do that I will feel worse. I understand that showers can be depressing sometimes though. Having happy smelling soap and putting on uplifting music helps me a lot (think citrus and Motown.) However, don’t feel like you have failed if you can’t do that now. Move through life at your own pace and acknowledge the steps you take for yourself, no matter how small they might seem to someone who is “healthy.” You are so strong to be able to survive through so much. Congratulate yourself for that. Sending love your way <3


Just saying, some of those basic things don't have to be done every day, I have chronic fatigue syndrome and need a few hours of rest before / after having a shower so that doesn't always mak IT worth it. I currently shower 2 or 3 times a week and it works for me (also I'm not smelly) 

I used to like showers and have one daily, but it is something I draid now. Pushing through isn't always the option. If its time to take a shower but you body says no, don't forget it. It s a nice feeling if the 'have to' is gone.(and maby just freshen up a bit at the sink)

Hope your struggles are a bit lighter next time 

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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